Dick Winchester


Dick Winchester: A question of trust

When it was announced that BP, Shell, Statoil and maybe others we don't know about were being investigated by the European Union for potentially having manipulated the oil price I have to admit to not being at all surprised. Disappointed and concerned perhaps but not actually surprised.


Proof of the pudding – If you don’t own it then you simply don’t control it

It's great being proven right. I've long argued that who owns the companies that make up the energy, or indeed any other, sector is important because if you don't own it then you simply don't control it. The free market ideologues argue that it doesn't matter who owns what provided the jobs are anchored here and it's that attitude which has prevailed in the UK for the last 40 years or so.


Norway – great leaders of the technology race

When people ask me where are our equivalents of the Norwegian companies Kvaerner, Aker, Kongsberg, Hitec, Framo and others such as Petroleum Geo-Services and Dolphin Geophysical or offshore drillers like Odfjell or Seadrill, or the powerful armada of offshore support vessels, then I really can't give them an answer.


Gas Wars – shaking up the industry

A few years ago if someone had suggested that conventional offshore gas field development programmes and the LNG market would soon be under threat from shale gas they would have been thought at best eccentric and at worst suffering from some sort of delusionary illness.