Mark Lammey

Business reporter at the P&J. Formerly online editor and deputy business editor at The Moscow Times.

OPINION: Helping our offshore supply chain compete


Later today, with my colleagues Neil Gordon, Subsea UK Chief Executive and Stuart Payne, Director of HR and Supply Chain at the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA), I’ll provide evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee in Westminster on a proposed sector deal.


OPINION: People are not your biggest asset


We’ve all heard it a thousand times, ‘our people are our biggest asset’.  I don’t buy it.  I appreciate I’m perhaps failing to acknowledge the spirit of this statement, but to explain further – I don’t buy the idea that just having ‘good people’ (whatever that means) is enough to drive success.   Let’s also have a think about that notion of ‘good people’ – do we mean competent people, entertaining people, nice people, generous people, motivated people or just people who have previously worked for a business that competes with our own…?


Halliburton automates fracking


There’s much talk of digitalisation and automation within the Oil & Gas industry, but discussion around the potential of these new technologies has generally been limited to offshore platforms and rigs. But now, American oil field services company Halliburton has introduced a new service which claims to introduce automation to hydraulic fracturing.


Nuclear transport protest in Highlands


Protesters from across the Highlands gathered in Inverness to stage a “peaceful protest” against the transportation of nuclear waste along the far north line.

North Sea

Recycling firm’s annual profits more than double


Profits at Aberdeen-based recycling, decommissioning and steel tubulars company John Lawrie Group more than doubled during 12 months which saw it undergo a private equity-backed management buyout and handle the highest tonnage of scrap metal in its history.