Mark Lammey

Business reporter at the P&J. Formerly online editor and deputy business editor at The Moscow Times.
Other News

Energy revolution is gathering pace


An energy transition is under way on a scale and at a speed that is unprecedented, forced by the growing realisation that climate change is a serious and growing issue, though at what pace remains hotly debated, writes Jeremy Cresswell


The penalty of a missed chance


Pub quiz time. What is the connection between the opening game at the World Cup in June and the fact that we are now heading towards 140p a litre at the pumps, and rising?

Health & Safety

Iqarus: No shame in taking time off with flu


The last flu season to grip the UK was the worst in seven years. With its grim effects so fresh in the public consciousness and the 2018-19 flu season fast approaching, now is the time for businesses to recognise the potential commercial consequences to being ill-prepared.


ABC to lead fun at Snow Ball


Guests at this year’s Energy Snow Ball will be sure to have the look of love as Eighties chart-toppers ABC take to the stage.