Subsea Expo

Subsea Expo

Neil Gordon: There’s life in subsea yet


When looking at oil price trends over the years since the 1920s, it becomes apparent that apart from the cyclical spikes every few years, $100 plus was never going to be the norm. However, we became complacent in that unprecedented period of sustained, high oil price and the thought of living in $50 - $55 oil seemed unthinkable in 2014.

Subsea Expo

Subsea Expo 2016: N-Sea tackles negativity with “swear jar”


Bad vibes were outlawed on N-Sea’s stand at Subsea Expo yesterday. Roddy James, the energy service firm’s chief operating officer, came up with the idea of having a “swear box” as a tongue-in-cheek remedy to the air of negativity in the north-east. Mr James said: “We talked about it earlier doors and decided if anyone comes onto the stand and is negative we’re going to make them pay into the fine box, hoping by the end of the day it won’t be full.”