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Subsea Expo

Subsea Expo 2016: Huge opportunities in Brazil remain despite Zika, corruption scandal


Brazil will remain an attractive location for the UK’s subsea sector despite the Zika virus outbreak and the Petrobras corruption scandal, an independent consultant from the South American country said yesterday. Daniella Carneiro was speaking on the sidelines of Subsea Expo in Aberdeen, where a new initiative was launched to improve links between UK and Brazilian subsea firms. Ms Carneiro, a London-based director of Chartham Consulting, said UK Trade and Investment and the Brazilian Science and Technology Ministry had produced a catalogue which lays out information about subsea firms from both countries.

Subsea Expo

Opinion: Subsea companies have to learn how to play the new industry game


For many companies in the subsea sector, 2015 was a painful year marked by a focus on cost reduction. Among the many challenges for businesses was the requirement to reduce capital spend alongside operational expenditure with nothing being immune from cuts. Within this environment staff costs are a significant outgoing for any company, but for an industry that relies on a highly skilled workforce, huge cuts in staff numbers could mean a severe depletion in the skills base come the hoped for up-turn.

Subsea Expo

Subsea Expo 2016: Chief exec calls for simplification


“The problem that the UK had was realised before we had this oil price crash,” Gordon said. “Our costs were spiralling out of control; the writing was on the wall, but we didn’t do much about it as an industry. The drop amplified and compounded those problems.”