California doomed to frequent blackout risk by battery shortage

As the threat of blackouts continues to plague California, officials are pointing to battery storage as a key to preventing future power shortfalls. But the Golden State is going to need a lot more batteries to weather the next climate-driven crisis—let alone to achieve its goal of a carbon-free grid.


US approves oil, gas leasing plan for Alaska wildlife refuge

The Trump administration gave final approval on Monday for a contentious oil and gas leasing plan on the coastal plain of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, where critics worry about the industry's impact on polar bears, caribou and other wildlife.


No port in a storm: Hell or High Water clauses during Covid-19

With COVID-19 continuing to bring business disruption even as global lockdowns ease, the impact on the energy sector has prompted a review of existing contracts and serious repercussions for any negotiations returning to the table.