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Middle East

Oil at the heart of Kurdish pay delay


The Kurdish government is unable to pay government salaries as the cost of battling Islamic State puts strain on the finances of a US partner in the struggle against the militant group. Peshmerga fighters have played a central role in slowing the advance of Islamic State militants even as the semi- autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq has been locked in a dispute with the central government in Baghdad over oil. The Kurdish Regional Government has struck deals with oil companies and collected the revenue. The Iraqi government says it should control the country’s oil deals, and has withheld the budget for the region since the beginning of the year.

Middle East

Gas plant hit in Syria air strikes


US-led coalition warplanes bombed Islamic State group positions across four provinces in northern and eastern Syria overnight, hitting a grain silo as well as the country’s largest gas plant, activists said. Washington and its Arab allies opened their air assault against the extremist group last week, going after its military facilities, training camps, heavy weapons and oil installations. The campaign expands on the air strikes the United States has been carrying out against the militants in Iraq since early August.