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Sustainability and investment

Here's a thought for all those now basking in the Houston heat. Having demonstrated their stupidity in lending on so-called "sub-prime" mortgages, how do we know that the financial institutions won't make - or already have made - the same mistakes in the energy sector?

Oil & Gas

The North Sea of the South

As I scribble this month's column, West Texas Intermediate is trading a few cents short of $115 a barrel, Brent is only a couple of bucks below and the oil price has become a hot topic. Big Oil is in the headlines for something else, too: the largest oil discovery made in decades and, before that, at least two finds that may turn out to be super-giant fields.

Oil & Gas

Dundee launches Leadership Programme

MANAGERS in the oil & gas industry now have the opportunity to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge for a senior management role via a new Master's Leadership Programme launched by Dundee University's Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy.

Oil & Gas

T is for thermal energy

THERMAL energy is the total potential and kinetic energy associated with the random motions of the molecules of a material. OK, that's the definition, but what does it mean? Energy's editor first encountered thermal energy at the age of eight in New Zealand, where the family was living way back in the 1950s. Fairly near the town of Rotorua, which is famous for its hot springs and boiling mud pools, we travelled past what, as it later transpired, was the world's first thermal energy power station.