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Oil & Gas

OGUK hails new oil and gas output figures


Improved offshore oil and gas output helped the UK boost its energy production from July to September, while electricity from wind also soared, new figures show. The UK oil and gas industry’s trade association hailed the hydrocarbon production statistics, while green groups said the renewables industry was getting stronger in Scotland. It comes a day after Chancellor George Osborne said UK oil and gas revenues are expected to nosedive 94% this year, in a blow to North Sea industry.


Saudi Aramco aims to invest more in Indonisia’s oil sector


Saudi Aramco is looking for further investment opportunities in Indonesia's downstream refining and petrochemicals industry, the company's chief executive said today, after initiating a $5.5 billion project to upgrade the country's largest refinery.

North Sea

OGUK reacts to Autumn Statement


Oil & Gas UK's economics director Mike Tholen said it was important the industry continue to boost confidence and encouragement investment in the North Sea following Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement and Spending Review.