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Masters of the oil and gas universe


Organisations in the north and north-east are starting to dip into a major leadership talent pool - largely untapped in the past - with the support of a new course offered by academic and industry experts at Aberdeen Business School.

Training & Technology

The next generation of entrepreneurs


With entrepreneurship and innovation increasingly recognised by governments as the foundation of a competitive national economy and SMEs accounting for 58.8% of private-sector employment and 48.8% of private-sector turnover (Department for Business Innovation & Skills, October 2011), the Scottish Institute for Enterprise's (SIE) has engaged universities from across the country in its New Ideas Competition to host a Dragons Den-style competition.

Training & Technology

Investing in career progression


A job for life was once a saying that was heard often. Today, though, it is becoming less so, partly because employees seek out new challenges and, as a result, move from company to company.