Renewables/Energy Transition


What next for net-zero? The status of transition in light of Covid-19


It is almost impossible to underestimate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only have 13-million-plus cases of infection and more than 570,000 deaths been reported [July 2020], but the virus is still with us and it is still killing people in many parts of the world. Uncertainty about the future is high, despite moves towards reopening economies and success by some nations in bringing the virus under control within their borders. The uncertainty is compounded because many nations are still facing rapid growth in infection rates.

Renewables/Energy Transition

Low-carbon solutions to change lives


With the human population fast approaching the 8 billion mark and as the great energy transition gains momentum, so the pressure to find wholly sustainable, high efficiency low-carbon replacements for fossil fuels and to stem rising greenhouse gas levels mounts.


Scalable battery storage: Transitioning to clean subsea energy systems


Batteries for subsea use are common, with applications ranging from small sensors and instrumentation, through to fully autonomous robotic vehicles. The next big leap for subsea battery systems in oil and gas is electrification of hydrocarbon production facilities. EC-OG is ready to take on the challenge with our Halo Subsea Battery Storage system.