Nuclear transport protest in Highlands


Protesters from across the Highlands gathered in Inverness to stage a “peaceful protest” against the transportation of nuclear waste along the far north line.


Quest to find trillion-dollar nuclear fuel on the moon


India’s space program wants to go where no nation has gone before -– to the south side of the moon. And once it gets there, it will study the potential for mining a source of waste-free nuclear energy that could be worth trillions of dollars.


UAE completes first of four Korean-built nuclear reactors


The United Arab Emirates, with help from Korea Electric Power Corp., finished building the Arab world’s first commercial nuclear reactor, a milestone in the oil-rich U.A.E.’s effort to curb its reliance on fossil fuels and develop cleaner sources of energy.


As Saudis go nuclear, US seeks an edge over great-power rivals


At a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna last September, word spread that Saudi Arabia had identified a handful of countries that could build two nuclear reactors in the kingdom. The U.S. wasn’t among them -- until Energy Secretary Rick Perry buttonholed the Saudi delegates and told them America wanted in.