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Young professionals preparing for the energy transition


As momentum grows for Vision 2035 and the energy industry strives towards net zero, it is widely recognised that a key part of achieving this will be through the existing workforce; retaining and retraining will create a more flexible, multi-skilled and technologically-aware workforce.


5 reasons why Yokohama brings exciting opportunities for Scottish businesses


There are a number of international opportunities for new and established businesses in Scotland in the city of Yokohama in Japan. And that’s thanks to the Scottish Government and the City of Yokohama signing a joint declaration on collaborating in the areas of culture and tourism, marine industries, sports and education in 2018. A year on, we reveal five reasons why this innovative and creative city brings exciting opportunities for Scots businessmen and businesswomen looking to launch a new business there…


DecomWorld’s latest research strategises methods of asset optimisation and Digitalisation


As global decommissioning costs continue to rise, mounting obligations provide little let up for offshore operators. E&P companies increasingly plan for decommissioning throughout the full life-cycle as efforts to de-silo decommissioning and operations departments continue for many. Within this scope, asset optimisation harbours renewed potential to unlock savings both pre and post CoP.


Ardent by name, Ardent by nature


In just four years, Ardent Global has evolved from being solely focused on emergency management services and wreck removal to a company that has also expanded into the offshore decommissioning and the subsea sector.


A strong sense of values and an eye on the future


Schools prepare for the future.  We start building children’s skills from the age of three with an evolving end product in mind that will come to light twenty years away.  And these skills we develop are required to achieve results and see them through another half century beyond that.


Logistics in safe hands


While the oil price is stabilising and some confidence to invest is returning, logistics and supply chain managers still face a challenge to deliver safe and reliable movement of material and personnel, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Positive future at ASCO


Offshore Europe is always a busy time for the oil and gas industry, offering our peers the opportunity to reflect on where the industry is right now and what the future holds.