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Promoted: New white paper highlights complexity and future of offshore travel

A White Paper, “Marine & Offshore Travel: All hands on deck” commissioned by Amadeus, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry, concludes that travel in this sector is one of the most complex and mission critical. Not surprising when these travellers, estimated to be some 7.7 million, are responsible for moving 90% of the goods and resources that are consumed around the world.


Promoted: OGA’s decomm programme in line with industry

In July, the Oil and Gas Authority launched its Decommissioning Strategy as a way of driving new ways of working across the oil and gas lifecycle. This week, the follow-up Delivery Programme was announced to explain how the Strategy’s objectives will be met moving forward.


Four days of business at ONS 2016!

ONS 2016 has exceeded our expectations. I am very pleased that we managed to gather so many people in Stavanger this year. The high participation demonstrates an optimism in the industry and confirms that ONS is a key meeting place for fostering new business in a time of transition.


Opinion: The transition starts at ONS 2016

The ONS Conference is a world-leading oil, gas and energy fora, and gives delegates a sneak peek into the future of the energy world. At ONS 2016 we will lay the foundation for a successful transition to the new market situation - through debates, discussions, and with insight of our prominent speakers.


Stork awarded esteemed ‘Operational Excellence’ accolade

Stork, a Fluor company, has won the ‘Operational Excellence’ award at Technip’s 8th Annual Suppliers Day held in Oslo, Norway. This award acknowledged Stork’s commitment to the supply of subsea machining and bolting equipment including Subsea Bolt Tensioning, Subsea Hydraulic Torque Tooling, Subsea Nut Splitting and Subsea Hydraulic Equipment.


ONS 2016: New business opportunities arise at ONS

A lot have happened in the energy business the past two years, and the industry finds itself in a time of transition – which is the main theme of ONS 2016. This year’s ONS will focus on how the industry can grow and evolve from here, by exploiting business opportunities that arise in the transition to the new market situation.


Opinion: Squirrels, hackers and how to safely connect the National Grid to your phone

When weighing up the risks to critical national infrastructure squirrels are often underestimated. According to CyberSquirrel, a non-profit set up to track such things, the critters have caused 755 national grid outages in the US in 5 years. A further 342 involved birds shorting transformers with their wings. One involved, possibly, a hacker in Russia.


Managing the safety, health & security of mobile oil & gas workers

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and the International SOS Foundation have just issued a guide outlining the aspects of safety, health and security for which organisations should take responsibility when they have workers travelling for work, or on international assignments.


Five top tips for travel managers in the energy sector

Achieving savings and efficiencies are vital to energy and offshore companies looking to navigate choppy economic waters. When it comes to travel, a specific plan with measurable objectives not only focuses time, but also helps illustrate to the business the measures being employed to reduce spend, and which approach and policies work best. Each organisation is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach, so it is essential to devise a programme that meets individual needs. ONE: Analyse HOW you buy your travel