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Decom to take the stage at Offshore Europe


The two years since SPE Offshore Europe 2015 haven’t taken long to pass. Through the challenging times we’ve all experienced, the North Sea oil and gas industry continues to operate, becoming ever smarter, ever leaner in its approach to business.


Efficiency: Industry doing more than talking shop


If you’ve read anything about the oil and gas industry recently, you may have noticed that its efficiency improvements have attracted some positive press. In the face of tough business conditions, our sector is responding to the challenges of the downturn to remain competitive.


Blaze: We’re a lot better up here than we think


It’s been a very inspirational time down here in the Howe of the Mearns over the last few weeks, not just from a weather and sunshine perspective but by getting out and about to see how SMEs are viewed in the wider UK. You’ll be very surprised.


Facing charges of collaboration?


Are you a collaborator? It's a word used very frequently in the UK oil and gas sector today but can we really, honestly point to any real examples of collaboration in the supply chain to overcome industry challenges and provide cost savings for operators? Unfortunately, despite the rhetoric and enthusiasm from both operators and the supply chain, only few real examples exist.


Helping UK firms start-up in Texas


Setting up in a new overseas location can be complex and costly but, most significantly, time-consuming at a point when the business should be focusing on its customers. The G-Tech Innovation Centre in Katy, close to Houston’s Energy Corridor, offers fully-serviced co-working industrial and office space in a custom built 48,000 square foot facility which has been home to several UK companies since it opened in 2014.