WATCH: Heavy seas batter North Sea accommodation rig


Watch as heavy seas batter the COSLRival North Sea accommodation rig before it was put out to pasture. The COSLRival was built in 1976 and operated as a full-functioning drilling unit until 2004 when it was converted into an accomodation asset. The rig is currently laid up at Kristiansand, Norway.


WATCH: North Sea oil rigs at sunset


A well-placed camera operator managed to catch some beautiful North Sea sunset footage yesterday. The camera footage manages to catch the sun going down behind a number of North Sea rigs. It was filmed 100 miles northeast of the Shetland Isles.


WATCH: North Sea rescue craft fights big waves


Incredible footage a rescue craft returning to its mother ship in squally North Sea conditions has been posted online. The video shows one of the crew holding on tight to the rails at the bow of the craft as it rides the waves. The clip was uploaded to YouTube by Bigwavemaster1.