Share Fair highlights billion pound opportunities for suppliers

OGUK Share Fair 1-2-1 meetings in full action
OGUK Share Fair 1-2-1 meetings in full action

Billions of pounds worth of North Sea opportunities were highlighted at Oil and Gas UK’s (OGUK’s) share fair in Aberdeen yesterday.

Major companies told 550 attendees about some of the £15 billion earmarked to be spent on exploration, development, operations and decommissioning.

One-to-one sessions matched suppliers with major buyers based on how best they could meet challenges.

Wood encouraged companies to register on its supplier list to help the firm deliver major international projects.

Chrysaor focused on four challenges, including flow lines from marginal wells, maintenance optimisation, late-life compression projects and corrosion under pipe support.

BP and Total E&P UK dealt with opportunities west of Shetland.

OGUK supply chain manager John McColl said: “Innovative thinking has come under the spotlight throughout the day with many companies demonstrating a readiness to consider new ideas including in our Innovation Forum. Share Fair provides suppliers with a valuable opportunity to gather feedback on their enterprising solutions.

“Many of the major purchasers at the event today highlighted opportunities at home, abroad and in other sectors for our world-class supply chain. This is key to industry’s Vision 2035 and expanding supply chain growth.

“It’s been a great day for building the supply chain the industry needs to meet the challenges of the future.”