OGA launches podcast series with future industry leaders

Andy Samuel
The Oil and Gas Industry Conference at the AECC. Pictured - Andy Samuel Oil & Gas UK. Picture by Kami Thomson 06-06-17

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has launched a podcast series to bring people together to openly discuss hot topics in industry.

In its first series, five industry leaders get together to talk about the sector’s shared ambition for the future – Vision 2035 – and its contribution to the economy for many decades to come.

Podcast hosts, Chief Executive Andy Samuel and Director of HR and Supply Chain Stuart Payne, strike up a conversation with three guests from the Future Industry Leaders Programme, a Scottish Enterprise initiative:

  • Victoria Cameron, Business Coordination Manager at CATS Management Limited
  • Niall Rowantree, Strategy and Analytics Leader at Total
  • Jenny Stanning, External Affairs Manager at Oil & Gas UK

“At the OGA, we’re passionate about investing in the future. We believe that harnessing the insights and experiences of upcoming leaders is key to being an engaging and listening regulator supporting a rapidly changing industry,” explained Dr Andy Samuel.

“What better way to start, than to discuss Vision 2035, which offers a blueprint for maximising value from the UK’s oil and gas resources and potentially doubling the UK supply chain’s share of global exports.” he added.

The Vision 2035 series consists of four short audio episodes which delve into the leaders’ thoughts on how achievable the ambition is, the leadership required, and what it means to each of them.

The first episode is out today, with the remaining three being released over the next three weeks.

You can listen to the free podcasts anytime on iTunes , Spotify and the OGA Website

The four-part series includes:

Part One: “Vision 2035 – The Prize Ahead”

Part Two: “Vision 2035 – Different Kind of Leadership”

Part Three: “Vision 2035 – Let’s Make it Awesome”

Part Four: “Vison 2035 – Ollivander’s Wand Shop”