Supply chain gateway builds muscle as membership grows

WITH more than 75 purchasing organisations now using FPAL as their supplier management and selection tool, the organisation is becoming the world’s leading oil & gas industry supply chain database.

This trend is set to continue with Baker Petrolite, AGR Peak Well Management, CSL and Cirrus Energy Nederland, which have all recently joined the system.

Purchasing members utilising FPAL gain a host of benefits, including:

FPAL’s newest numbers further enhance opportunities available to the supplying community through their varying operations.

AGR Peak Well Management, part of the largest well management group in the world, is ideally placed to plan and execute drilling programmes for the smaller oil companies lacking such resources and for larger companies which have made the strategic decision to use outsourcing to gain a competitive edge in a resource-constrained market (

Explaining that key purchasers can benefit from their FPAL subscription, an AGR business development adviser said: “AGR is committed to the Supply Chain Code of Practice and, as part of that commitment, we are fully registered with FPAL.

“By using such a supply chain management tool, we have simplified our contracting process and benefited from time and cost savings.”

Baker Petrolite is a key leader in providing chemical services and products in the hydrocarbon recovery and processing, pipeline transportation, refining, petrochemical, aquatic herbicides and polymers industries.

CSL was established in 2000 with a vision of becoming “the first choice global subsea development delivery company for oil&gas companies – delivering subsea developments from concept to completion” ( Cirrus Energy Nederland BV: Cirrus is a Canadian-based oil&gas company that is exclusively focused on international exploration and development opportunities in lower-risk environments.

Its current focus is accessing and developing upstream oil&gas opportunities in The Netherlands.

Suppliers wishing to work with FPAL purchasers should log on to to discover more about the system. Alternatively, you can call on +44 1224 337533