Stott: Aberdeen is key to offshore industry

David Stott, creator of Offshore Europe
David Stott, creator of Offshore Europe

Aberdeen will always be the key place for offshore oil and gas activity, believes the man behind the successful Offshore Europe conference.

David Stott, who was the initiator of Offshore Europe in 1973, believes the industry will “keep going for a long time” and the city will remain the energy hub for just as long.

“Aberdeen will always be the key place: massive engineering talent here, pool of engineers probably unrivalled in the UK now… a great place,” Stott told Energy Voice.

The conference, originally called Offshore Scotland, is this year celebrating its 40 anniversary and has been dubbed the biggest event to date.

“I am just thrilled that I was involved with it from the early stages and I’m proud of what we did,” Stott said.

“I can’t believe it’s been 40 years. Time seems to have encapsulated to a tiny amount.”

Watch the full interview with David Stott below.