Aqualis Offshore enters Mexico’s marketplace

Pemex news
Pemex news

Consultancy firm Aqualis Offshore is the latest company to capitalise on Mexico’s new open oil and gas market approach.

The offshore marine and engineering consultancy has opened a new office in Mexico City. The move is he 10th new country entry the firm has made since operations began a year ago.

The opening follows the passing of an energy reform bill by the Mexican government last month.

The bill has paved the way for international companies to play a part in developing and leveraging the country’s natural resources for the first time in 75 years.

Aqualis Offshore has opened a second office in Ciudad Del Carmen with the view of offering support to offshore rig owners and oil companies operating in the coastal city.

Dr Bader Diab, director of Aqualis Offshore, North America, said: “Mexico has a significant shallow water oil and gas industry which we already provide some support to. Additionally, the Mexican government’s new energy reform bill is likely to inject new investment into the industry.”​