Step Change in Safety splits from Oil & Gas UK

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Step Change in Safety has split from Oil & Gas UK.

The safety organisation confirmed that as of today it will operate independently from the industry body. It is now wholly owned by its 137 member organisations and will be governed by its own board of directors.

Les Linklater, executive director for Step Change in Safety, said: “In 2007 Step Change in Safety became a subsidiary of Oil & Gas UK, but the model led to confusion over roles, functions and relationships.

“Independence creates better distinction between the two organisations with greater autonomy. We will be owned and managed by our members to ensure we represent every part of the oil and gas industry.

“While Step Change in Safety’s legal entity has changed, our purpose remains the same: to continuously improve the safety of the North Sea. We cannot do this without collaborating with operators, contactors, regulators and the unions: being member-owned will ensure levels of collaboration increase as we continue to serve the onshore and offshore workforce day in, day out.”