Libra consortium finish drilling of second extension well off Brazilian coast

Survey vessel Fugro Brasilis off Rio de Janeiro
Survey vessel Fugro Brasilis off Rio de Janeiro

The Libra consortium has confirmed the presence of a hydrocarbon column approximately 200 metres deep in reservoirs 220km offshore from the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Informally known as C1, the well is located in the Santos Basin.

The final depth reached by the Libra consortium was 5,780 metres, including a water depth of 2,160 metres.

This is the second well successfully drilled by the Libra consortium and lies 18 kilometres from the first well.

The hydrocarbon and CO2 bearing intervals were calculated through electrical profiles and fluid samples, which are currently undergoing laboratory analysis.

The Libra consortium is composed of Petrobras, Shell, Total, CNPC and CNOOC, as well as Brazillian state-owned company Pré-Sal Petróleo S.A, which is the acting contract manager.