Royale Energy to drill 30 wells at Ballinger Field

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Royale Energy has received permissions to drill 30 wells at Ballinger Oil Field in Runnels County in Texas.

Three of these wells will be drilled as soon as possible at the Ellenberger formation in the northern parts of the US state.

Current production in the field comes from the Palo Pinto North formation with oil production for the field currently at 3,400ft.

The initiative is to boost the oil field’s production since it has only produced 350,000 barrels as compared to the projected 4.75 million barrels till date.

Initial field development has been unable to access the proven oil accumulation, as indicated by the existing well spacing points to a significant potential for infill drilling by either vertical or horizontal wells.

Ellenberger formation is the deepest target in the area at nearly 4,400ft.

Royale Energy will also attempt to derive more than six million barrels of oil and 7.6 BCF of gas from other other formations below the Palo Pinto North.

The sites to be explored include the Cross-cut sandstone at 3,500ft, the Upper Capps Fm, at 3,700ft, the Jennings Fm at 4,000ft and the Gardner Fm at 4,100ft.

All of these are either behind pipe in the existing wells or the firm has missed them while trying to penetrate across the area, the company said.