Tracking sharks using oil and gas sonar technology

Tritech's sonar location technology will be employed to find sharks.

Tritech International Limited’s sonar technology is being recommended for use in California to keep surfers and beach goers safe from an increase in shark numbers.

The state-of-the-art sonar imaging software that will be utilised has been conventionally used in subsea oil and gas to eliminate poor visibility ROV exploration.

Yet, it’s now to be used for the safe detection of sharks off the coast of Sothern California.

Tritech, who have an office in Aberdeen, have developed Gemini 720is multibeam sonar technology which has the capability to detect and track shark activity, providing a critically early warning for beach authorities.

The technology provides a solution which is non-evasive and allows a more away from old shark management methods that included the use of drumlins, sharknets and tagging systems.

Scott McLay, Tritech’s sales director, said: “Tritech has a strong philosophy of investing in research and development; this ensures we are at the leading edge of underwater technology innovation. The 720is sonar and associated software is just one product of that philosophy, and the Company has more developments planned over the coming months.

“Additionally, the application of sonar technology in shark mitigation is an exciting development as it opens up additional possibilities of using multibeam sonars in other mammal and fish monitoring scenarios.”

Tritech’s sonar location technology will be employed to find sharks.

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