Ace Winches gives Buckskin project a lift

ACE Winches' vertical linear winch package
ACE Winches' vertical linear winch package

Ace Winches delivered a pioneering new product for the installation and pull-in of two steel catenary risers on the Buckskin deepwater development in the Gulf of Mexico.

The client needed a smaller riser pull-in equipment package than the traditional model for the Lucius spar platform.

With limited deck space, the linear winch also had to be capable of delivering 550 tonnes of vertical force.

Ace Winches claimed to be the first company to develop a product of this kind.

Chief executive Alfie Cheyne said: “The limited deck space presented us with a challenge, but we overcame it with an innovative design delivering a high quality, safe and cost-effective SCR solution, helping our clients reduce cost and improve safety and efficiency; important factors in today’s industry climate.

“With over 25 years’ experience in engineering and manufacturing lifting, pulling and deploying equipment, we were able to deliver the exact solution to the project.

“A recent £5 million capital investment programme in linear winches for our fleet offers client solutions for shore approach, beach pulling and SURF riser installation applications.”