China starts work on major pipeline project with promises of smog reduction

Cooling towers of a coal-fired power plant in Dadong, Shanxi province, China

China’s biggest energy firm has started installing a fourth gas pipeline between Shaanxi province and Beijing.

The 1,114 kilometre pipeline is intended to increase the gas supply to China’s north-east.

It will run from Shaanxi across Inner Mongolia and Hebei, terminating at the Gaoliying terminal in Beijing.

Welding works commenced in Ulanqab city, Inner Mongolia, earlier this month.

It will have a capacity of 25billion cubic metres and will start operations before October 2017, the state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) said in an online statement.

The company finished the third Shaanxi-Beijing pipeline in 2010.

The existing three pipelines have a combined capacity of 35billion cubic meters.

CNPC also said the fourth pipeline would help mitigate air pollution within the north of China, but did not explain how.

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