Claxton wraps up work on North Sea decommissioning projects

North Sea news
Claxton workers on a North Sea platform

Claxton has completed its work on two southern North Sea well abandonment projects.

Claxton – part of the Acteon group of companies – provided a range of services on the Horne and Wren platforms over the course of 18 days last month,  including tubing cut verification and tubing recovery.

Rob Horton, project engineer, Claxton, said: “The multi-string severance was performed from a jack-up lift barge (JULB) for this project, allowing significant cost savings for the client against the use of a rig.

“The Horne and Wren platform has a small 8m x 8m weather deck footprint, creating a space challenge which we managed to overcome. As well as using our latest evolution of the ‘SABRE’ abrasive cutting system, this project also required a full, bespoke, light weight work package. This included a hydraulic proving system and a utility crane to ensure self-sufficiency in handling our equipment.

“Proving of tubing and conductor cuts was completed with the same system, enabling us to reduce equipment, time and money for the client. Equipment was located on the JULB with services run to the platform for the tubing recovery and multi-string severance and subsequent casing retrieval.

“We also developed a bespoke tubing laydown frame that allowed the quick and safe laydown of the severed tubing in a controlled manner.”

Having supplied a range of conductor and structural centralizers to major operators since 1992, Claxton has become a leading North Sea supplier.

Working out of bases in the UK, Norway, Singapore and Dubai, the firm has provided engineering across the life of field for three decades, with a focus on drilling risers, offshore decommissioning and subsea structures.