Topside from Shell’s Leman field comes ashore for scrapping

The Leman accommodation block sailing into Great Yarmouth
The Leman accommodation block sailing into Great Yarmouth

A topside module from Shell’s Leman field in the southern North Sea was delivered Great Yarmouth for dismantling today.

Partners Veolia and Peterson said the Leman accommodation block was the first offshore structure to arrive at their decommissioning base in Norfolk.

They will handle the deconstruction and recycling of 1,600-tonnes worth of material from the topside and its steel jacket, which is expected to arrive later this month.

The two companies said the contract, awarded by Boskalis, would create about 10 jobs.

Estelle Brachlianoff, senior executive vice president, Veolia UK and Ireland said: “These are valuable assets in our seas and by decommissioning these platforms we can unlock resources to give them a second, third or even fourth life.

“This latest project will continue to show how we can maximise the recycling of these platforms and drive sustainability in the industry.

“Our partnership has successfully delivered a number of projects over the last 10 years, this latest one will further the growth of the business and local opportunities in Great Yarmouth.”

The Leman living-quarters module, which had been located 30miles off the coast of Norfolk, was designed to house up to 48 people working on the Leman BT and BK platforms.

But following the decommissioning of Leman BK in the mid-1990s, the accommodation unit became redundant.

The remaining bridge-linked accommodation and BT platforms became normally unattended installations (NUIs).

The UK Government approved Shell’s decommissioning plan for the living-quarters module earlier this year.

The Leman accommodation block at Great Yarmouth. Click to enlarge.
The Leman accommodation block in Great Yarmouth.