Expro takes pioneering wireless technology out for a spin in North Sea

Expro news
Expro news

Oil service company Expro has successfully operated pioneering wireless technology which is designed to lower the cost of well-abandonment.

Expro, whose Europe region headquarters are in Aberdeen, said the system was used on a recently abandoned subsea appraisal well in the North Sea.

The company said the technology transmitted reservoir pressure data back to an overhead vessel.

Expro said it was the first time an operation of this nature had been carried out using a wireless system.

The technology will help companies improve their understanding of reservoirs and make better development plans for their fields, according to Expro.

It also said the cableless telemetry system (CaTSTM) wireless gauges provided operators with a more cost effective option for well abandonment design.

The UK Government and oil companies are devoting resources to developing ways of lowering the cost of well plugging and abandonment (P&A).

Well P&A is a major headache for industry as it is expected to account for about half of total decommissioning costs in the North Sea.