Adipec 2017: Asco hopes for ‘cross pollination’ of opportunities

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As Asco celebrates its landmark 50th anniversary, it is fitting that we use key industry events such as Adipec to reflect on the continued importance of international engagement.

Asco group company NSL, exhibited at the event in 2013 and immediate, positive effects were seen in the form of safety product orders coupled with an increased level of enquiries for our training and lifting services in the Middle East region.  Our return in 2015 was an opportunity to maintain and foster relationships and, this year, we will seek to further strengthen our links with both existing and potential clients.

Whilst advances in technology give us increasing ability to communicate more easily across the globe, we embrace the opportunity to discuss with our clients, face to face, how their needs have changed and developed in real-time.  This, in turn, enables us to adapt and evolve our business in step to ensure those needs are satisfied in a fast-moving marketplace.

As part of the Scottish Development International delegation, Asco will be represented by myself and NSL by global technical manager Richard Wilson and our primary aim will be leading the cross-pollination of opportunities across our portfolio for both NSL and the wider Asco group.

For NSL, the emphasis will be on communicating our three main service lines (operation support, training and competence, and media and graphics) to a broad audience, and Adipec is an ideal platform for this as it facilitates exactly the right kind of access to our key oil and gas audience.

For the last 20 years, NSL has worked with clients across the Middle East in locations such as the UAE, Oman, Jordan, Iraq, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and many ongoing, fruitful partnerships have been created and fostered in that time.  The Middle East and the oil and gas sector are synonymous with each other, therefore the creation and growth of partnerships in the region is crucial to both NSL and the wider Asco Group in retaining our role as innovators and solution providers for our clients.

James Feeney is group business development manager at Asco.