New decom leadership group meets in Aberdeen

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A new industry group aimed at setting out a strategy to tackle “efficiency and effective” oil and gas decommissioning has met in Aberdeen.

The Decommissioning Leadership Group (DLG), managed by member organisation Decom North Sea, held its first meeting at the Chester Hotel in Aberdeen.

The group will look to provide strategic leadership to Decom North Sea’s Board of Directors, while also lead the strategy, direction and agenda of Decom North Sea, ensuring a continued connection to its members.

The DLG comprises more than 50 individuals, the majority of which are elected Decom North Sea members representing a cross section of the sector, plus representation from key stakeholders within the industry.

The group is also made up of representatives from industry bodies with the DGL allowing those groups to engage with Decom North Sea and any further decommissioning strategy in the North Sea.

Nigel Lees, chairman for Decom North Sea, said: “The formation of the DLG marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for Decom North Sea.  Not only does it provide a forum for greater connection with our members and stakeholders, it also provides a foundation for us to identify and collectively work on our industry challenges.

“There was great energy in the room and I am confident that the momentum will continue as we work through the topics of interest identified today.”

The first meeting saw the DLG initiate work groups in a number of areas to address topics of interest, and to create tangible deliverables to move the sector’s development forward.

DLG member Jinda Nelson, Bilfinger Salamis UK Limited, said: “The face of decommissioning is changing extremely quickly and it’s imperative that we are ready to make the most of the opportunities when they arise.

“The members of the DLG, with their vast experience and knowledge of the industry, will be an important part of this process.”