VIDEO: Orange March on North Sea platform

A video has emerged online of an Orange March taking place on a North Sea platform.

The footage, uploaded to Twitter, shows a series of workers playing makeshift drums and flutes.

It is not clear which platform the workers are on, but the footage has been viewed thousands of times since being uploaded to the social media platform on Friday.

It coincides with an Orange March taking place in Glasgow last weekend.

One twitter user said “If you’re working and couldn’t get to the Parade, bring the parade to you!”

The video has been reposted by several Rangers FC supporters, who won 2-0 against Macedonia’s FK Shkupi in the first qualifying round of the Europa League last week.

It was uploaded by twitter user MandarinMcGoo.

Orange March are a series of parades held annually by members of the Orange Order.

There have been dozens of replies to the video, most being positive.

One user described it as “brilliant”, another said “class”.

However one man replied: “I was held up for two minutes behind this bigoted rabble. I’m going to start a petition to have this banned.”

Last Saturday’s parade in Glasgow has been covered extensively by the media after a priest was attacked when the march passed his church.