Oil and gas chaplaincy moves home after 25 years

The chaplaincy's book of remembrance at St Nicholas Kirk
The chaplaincy's book of remembrance at St Nicholas Kirk

The UK Oil and Gas Chaplaincy is set to relocate after 25 years at Total’s offices

Having been hosted by and offered support from Total for the last 25 years, the chaplaincy is moving home to its new premises within Shell’s Tullos complex.

The decision was primarily down to shortage of space, as a result of Total’s move to Westhill last year and the acquisition of Maersk Oil.

In a statement, the chaplaincy said: “Being extremely grateful for the support Total has provided over the last two decades, the Chaplaincy Trustees felt it was time that a request for a new ‘home’ for the Chaplaincy be put to the Oil and Gas Industry.”

The chaplaincy has been committed to supporting families of disaster victims over the years, conducting regular commemorative ceremonies in the north east.

It added: “We were delighted when Shell responded with the offer of office space and support to establish our base within Shell’s Tullos complex.

“This marks another new chapter in the history of the UK Oil and Gas Industry Chaplaincy and we look forward to stepping forward in our endeavour to support those working in the UK Oil and Gas Industry and their families.”

The move will take place on September 21.