Updated: North Sea workers accept OCA pay offer

Offshore workers with a CHC Scotia helicopter at Aberdeen heliport. Submitted picture from Big Partnership.
Offshore workers with a CHC helicopter at Aberdeen heliport.

North Sea workers have accepted a revised pay offer from the Offshore Contractors’ Association (OCA), bringing down the curtain on the prolonged dispute.

Negotiations between unions and the OCA had been ongoing since January 2018 and two pay offers had already been rejected.

The new deal, tabled in December 2018, outlined a proposed increase of 4.8% for 2019 and 4% for 2020.

The Unite and RMT unions said yesterday that 2,500 members had voted to accept the proposals, quashing the threat of North Sea strike action.

Paul Atkinson, the OCA’s chief executive said: “We are very pleased that members of Unite and the RMT have voted to accept our offer.

“It follows a period in which the OCA has worked extremely hard with our members, their operator clients, trade union colleagues and workforce representatives to develop a proposal that will bring pay certainty through until the end of 2020.”

Unite’s John Boland added: “After a long process, Unite members have accepted the revised pay offer by the OCA. The two year pay deal represents a significant improvement on the initial OCA offer, which has been recognised by our offshore members who perform difficult and arduous jobs.

“We are pleased that following this democratic decision by our membership that we can put this period of uncertainty behind us.”