Ex oil worker bringing brewing back to Peterhead

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Bringing brewing back to Peterhead was something Cameron Bowden and his parents were determined to do when they opened their microbrewery Brew Toon in May last year.

Having stumbled across a premises which was an old brewery site, the family, who also have a property development business, snatched up the opportunity to bring brewing back to the area.

With a love of craft beer and experimenting with home brewing, Cameron convinced his parents Fred and Shirley to back his adventurous ideas, which has resulted in Brew Toon now sporting its own taproom and bar area which they launched last September.

The ex-oil and gas worker now uses his engineering background to create unique and flavoursome beers and, as the general manager, is fully focused on pushing Brew Toon’s products into national and international waters.

“I suggested turning the space into a microbrewery, and the rest is history. When we first looked into the building’s background we found out it used to be a brewery years and years ago. I think the people of Peterhead really appreciate what we’ve done and we got a lot of support from the local community. Lots of people come in with the old bottles and bottle caps – it’s good to be the ones bringing brewing back to the town.”

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