Offshore crew get into the Xmas spirit with K-pop ‘music video’

It’s not every day the words “offshore supply vessel” and “K-pop” meet in a sentence, but this is a special case.

Crew members on DOF Subsea’s Skandi Hawk supply vessel have taken a break from their regular day’s work to film a video for a client’s Christmas competition.

Dozens of workers on board are seen dancing to “Baam” by South Korean girl group “Momoland” in a thoroughly coordinated effort.

Staff on the deck, control rooms and kitchens are seen giving their all in a well-choreographed dance number.

The crew won first prize for their offering, lovingly titled “Skandi Baam”.

See all the action in the video above.

The Skandi Hawk is currently stationed off the coast of the Philippines in the South China Sea.