VIDEO: Dog rescued at oil platform 135miles from shore

A dog has been rescued by a drilling crew at an oil platform which lies 135 miles off the coast of Thailand.

The exhausted animal was found at sea in the Gulf of Thailand last week, according to the Bangkok Post, after workers saw him swim toward the platform.

The dog, named Boonrod which means “Survivor” in Thai, is thought to have fallen from a fishing trawler.

Boonrod was rescued by the Chevron drilling team on board the platform, who managed to get a rope around him and pull him up before he was swept away by the waves.

Vitisak Payalaw, of Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production’s oil drilling team, wrote on Facebook: “On April 12, we found a dog trying to swim to a pole of our oil platform, about 220km from the shore.

“As wind waves were rather calm that afternoon, we could clearly see its head and water rippling as he was swimming toward our oil platform. If the waves had been strong, we wouldn’t have seen him.

“After the dog managed to cling to the pole, he did not make any noise or bark. We tried to find ways to rescue it. Finally, we decided to tie a rope around his neck and pull him to our site.

Boonrod with the Chevron crew. Pic: Facebook/ Vitisak Payalaw

“We had to race against time as wind waves might sweep him away. Rescue efforts might be difficult if he had been swept away. At last, we did it. The dog was pulled from the sea safely.

“He looked exhausted. Now, we are taking care of him and will later bring him ashore. The dog might have fallen from a fishing trawler or jumped into the sea possibly to escape abuse on the vessel.”

Pic: Facebook/ Vitisak Payalaw

Boonrod was brought back to shore on Monday and his condition is reported to be improving.