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‘Hellfighters’ answer 2,700 emergency calls

Red Adair: “most famous” well firefighter

Wild Well Control was involved in BP’s huge operation after the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

The rig, in the Gulf of Mexico, collapsed into the sea in April 2010 – after the blast caused by a gas blowout.

At the time of the explosion, 126 crew were on board.

Eleven men were killed in the blast which ignited a fireball visible from 35 miles away. The explosion led to the largest offshore oil spill in US history.

More than 200million gallons of oil escaped into the sea, blighting the coastline around the Gulf of Mexico.

Wild Well Control’s firefighters and engineers have now been hired by Total to help plug its North Sea leak in order to prevent a similar disaster.

The Houston-based company was set-up in 1975 and has responded to 2,700 emergencies.

It was also one of the companies called in by Kuwait Oil Company in 1991 to regain control of oil well fires set by Iraqi troops during the first Gulf War.

The action was documented in the film Fires of Kuwait.

Staff worked there alongside Red Adair, arguably the most famous well fire- fighter of all time.

The film Hellfighters, starring John Wayne, was based on his exploits in Algeria in 1962.

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