Cyberhawk claims drones driving down costs

Drone news
Drone news

Scottish company Cyberhawk claims it has reduced costs for a North Sea offshore company by 50% through the use of its drone technology.

The firm analysed data from the past two years and concluded that its drone technology was “20 times more efficient” than the traditional rope methods used for inspection and 50% cheaper.

Aside from cost savings, the company also claimed that the use of its drones reduced the need to work at height, reduced use of boats and helicopters, and therefore boosted overall efficiency.

Chris Fleming, Cyberhawk’s chief executive officer, said: “More and more operators are changing their inspection philosophy, and looking at safer, more efficient techniques which minimise risks to personnel.

“By adopting a forward thinking, innovative approach, and using UAV(drone) technology for all initial visual and thermal inspections, this means that personnel are only required for contact and advanced inspection if required.”