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Video: See the vision for a North Sea wind hub islands

This is the vision a Dutch energy firm have for island-based European wind ‘hubs’ in the North Sea.

The design is based on a ‘hub and spoke’ principle and aims to make CO2 reduction targets feasible and affordable.

Central to company TenneT’s vision is the building of an island in the middle of the North Sea.

Numerous wind farms would then be connected to the island ‘hub’ with electricity transmitted from the outlying windfarms by direct cables to the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Germany and Denmark.

The idea is that the same cables will serve as interconnections between the energy markets of the countries, so they will also be international electricity highways for international power trade.

TenneT’s proposition is for each ‘island’ module to cover approximately 6 km².

In theory, this is big enough to provide space for connecting roughly 30 GW of offshore wind capacity.

The island will be expandable by adding one or two modules of 6 km² each.

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