Muirhall/ WWS snap up six onshore projects from Infinis

Ben Brack Wind Farm gets go-ahead.
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Independent developer, Muirhall Energy, and independent onshore wind energy partner, WWS Renewables, have acquired Infinis Group’s onshore wind development phase assets from Terra Firma.

The announcement, which came late yesterday afternoon, sees Muirhall and WWS take over major wind projects over six sites in Scotland, England and Wales.

Muirhall’s website explained the intricate nature of business that’s taken place: ‘This transaction follows the closing of the sale of the Infinis Group’s operational onshore wind assets to institutional investors advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management in May 2017. At the time of this transaction, Terra Firma indicated that the Infinis Group would retain a portfolio of 14 onshore wind sites in the development phase, which it would look to sell in due course. Today’s transaction is a result of that process.’

Chris Walker, Muirhall Energy Managing Director, said:

“We are delighted to acquire the onshore wind development phase interests of the Infinis Group’s UK wind portfolio.  The acquisition continues our investment momentum in onshore wind in spite of challenging regulatory and market conditions. We look forward to turning these developments into operational wind farms over the next few years.

Muirhall Energy are continuing to expand our development portfolio and have a high level of interest in acquiring new development sites. To that end, the company has recently employed a further three persons in order to equip the project team with the necessary capability to give our development portfolio the best possible chance of success.”