Scottish gale forces once again delivered the country’s full electricity requirement

Renewable news
Renewable news

Data shows that strong winds on Monday generated enough energy to power Scotland’s entire power needs.

WWF wind power figures, provided by WeathyerEnergy, confirmed that Monday’s wind generation was a record for 2017, producing 86,467MWH of electricity to the National Grid.

Scotland’s total energy consumption on the day was 41,866MWh, therefore wind generated the equivalent of 206% of Scotland’s full daily requirement.

The amount of power generated was enough to power 7.116million households, three times the country’s actual number of homes.

Sam Gardner,WWF Scotland’s director,  said: “Monday proved to be a great day for renewable electricity output, with wind turbines alone providing enough to power 7million homes and way more than Scotland’s total electricity needs.

“We’re blown away by these figures but they are part of a pattern of increasingly green power production made possible thanks to many years of political support in Scotland. Across the year, renewables now contribute over half of our electricity needs.”