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Milestone as wavepower device sets off for Orkney

SCOTTISHPOWER Renewables’ new P2 Pelamis wave-power device has set sail for the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney.

The machine, developed by Edinburgh firm Pelamis Wave Power will undergo further trials.

SNP energy spokesman Mike Weir said the “milestone” in the development of the Pelamis series underlined the continued progress Scotland was making in renewable energy.

He also said Scotland’s achievements in renewables were attracting considerable international interest and investment. “It comes as no surprise that global companies see the real tangible, profitable appeal investing in Scotland brings.”

Gamesa, Mitsubishi, Respol, Doosan and Masdar have all recently announced plans to invest in Scotland’s green-energy sector and a report by investment bank Altium Securities concluded that this trend was likely to continue.

Mr Weir said: “With an already enviable portfolio of renewable investors, I have absolute confidence that more will be drawn to our shores.”

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