Aberdeen University unveil Shell hydrogen car

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Aberdeen University has unveiled the first designs of its new Shell Eco-Marathon car.

Launched by the Aberdeen University Shell Eco-Marathon team ProtoAU this week, the car will be powered to by a revolutionary new fuel cell.

The team has worked in partnership with Aberdeen City Council, who aided the eco-team in the procurement of the new hydrogen cell.

The students will receive the cell from Canadian firm Ballard Power at the beginning of 2019.

Competing with 200 other teams from across Europe, the Americas and Asia, the Aberdeen University team will build a vehicle capable of completing 15 laps (9 miles) in under 35 minutesĀ  using only one litre of fuel or the battery equivalent.

Alessandro Rigola, Aberdeen University team captain, said: “We’re expanding a lot from last year. Thanks to the fuel cell the university is understanding this as well so we have received a lot of financial help and a lot of opportunity.

“Shell have really helped us kick-start and show people what we’re doing, as well. In terms of our car, this year is going to be a most important year and where we have a good budget to start building it.”

The partnership with Aberdeen City Council has facilitated relationships with a number of high profile firms, including Toyota.

Mr Rigola added: “All these things pay a very important role in the things we want to achieve.”

(L-R) Elisabettamana Schettino, Jason Main, Alessandro Rigola and Olga-Vladlena Pospkina.<br />Picture by Abermedia / Michal Wachucik