Energy bill cash should be spent on clean UK-made power, union says

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Money raised from household energy bills should be spent on UK-made clean power rather than importing from foreign countries, according to GMB Union.

The union’s national secretary, Justin Bowden, said today that “it makes no sense” to rely on other countries for clean energy when the UK could be investing in creating its own.

Mr Bowden was attacking the UK Government’s decision to invest in huge transmission cables linking the UK with Europe.

He said UK policy “demands a rethink” on the grounds of energy security.

Mr Bowden added: “UK investment in interconnectors needs an urgent review.

“It makes absolutely no sense for the country to rely on other countries to keep our lights on, when they are doing the same thing.

“The money raised from household energy bills should be spent on reliable, cost-effective lower carbon energy sources in the UK rather than relying on imports which may not be available.  In an increasingly uncertain world, energy self-sufficiency is common sense.

“We should not spend our time and money looking for silver bullets that may not exist.”

Mr Bowden also hit out at wind and solar energy, which he believes is not being adequately harnessed and are producing a fraction of their installed capacity.

In January, a giant supercable linking Peterhead with Norway was approved by Aberdeenshire Council.

The North Connect transmission link will see the renewable energy markets of Scotland and Norway trade energy via  a converter station at Stirling Hill, Boddam to an offshore transmission cable across the North Sea.

Developers plans were accepted to lay a 415-mile cable from Peterhead to the Norwegian west coast, due to begin in 2023.