UK Government ‘putting the brakes on’ renewables development, Sir Ed Davey claims

Ed Davey
Ed Davey

Liberal Democrat leadership candidate Sir Ed Davey has accused the UK Government of putting “the brakes on” renewable energy.

Mr Davey pointed to his record as climate change secretary in the coalition government today, claiming he helped make the UK a world leader on offshore wind.

He said the UK had led action in Europe on renewable energy.

But he said: “My worry is that since 2015 the Government has put the brakes on, we’ve seen zero carbon home regulations we introduced abolished, we’ve seen support for solar taken away far too fast, onshore wind effectively banned, failure to push forward with a tidal lagoon, carbon capture and storage stopped.

“That is not acceptable. This is an emergency, we know what to do, they should get on and do it.”

Mr Davey is currently running as the candidate against Jo Swinson to replace Vince Cable.

He added that the UK should go further and faster on renewables, and “decarbonise capitalism” to tackle the finance going towards fossil fuels.