Grid-connected tidal-turbine first for Scotland

SCOTLAND’S first grid-connected, commercial-scale tidal turbine, has been installed off Orkney.

Marine energy developer Atlantis Resources connected its one-megawatt (MW) AR1000 tidal turbine to the grid at the European Marine Energy Centre (Emec).

The connection was seen as a milestone in the development of the marine energy industry, which this year has been gaining momentum, especially at Emec, where 12 test berths are due to be at capacity later this year and going into next year.

Atlantis says its AR1000 is currently the world’s most powerful single-rotor tidal turbine, rated to produce 1MW of predictable power.

It has an 18-metre rotor diameter, which Atlantis says also makes it one of the largest turbines built, standing 22.5m high and weighing 1,500 tonnes .