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Velocys reaches Oklahoma gas-to-liquids landmark


Gas-to-liquids (GTL) specialist Velocys has completed the build of full-scale commercial reactors for its joint venture project in Oklahoma.

Commercial production of the initial Fischer-Tropsch catalyst for Envia Energy’s Oklahoma City GTL project has been completed and certified by Velocys’ quality control protocols.

The catalyst meets all performance criteria for the Envia project, with excellent alignment of test results between commercially-produced and laboratory-produced catalysts.

Fabrication of the modular process units is continuing at Ventech in Pasadena, Texas. Mechanical completion of the plant is expected to be completed in first half of next year.

Envia Energy is a joint venture between Waste Management, NRG Energy, Ventech and Velocys formed in March 2014 to produce renewable fuels and chemicals from biogas and natural gas using GTL.

The Oklahoma City project will provide a commercial reference plant for the use of Velocys’ technology.

Acting chief executive Susan Robertson, said: “The completion of the catalyst and reactors is an important milestone, and we and our joint venture partners continue to make solid progress on Envia’s project.”

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