Iqarus: Supporting medical learning and professional development

Iqarus new
Iqarus new

For the industry at large, sourcing medics, like many specialist roles, is increasingly a major challenge.

Conversely, we know there are many general medics keen to get into the industry.

However, the price of retraining or upskilling is often prohibitively expensive.

Iqarus realised it could play an important role in developing medics’ knowledge, while at the same time, becoming a key change agent.

We recently launched the Iqarus Academy, to help develop the critical skills and capabilities of medics looking to work offshore.

Since occupational health delivery is a core part of our business, serving thousands of patients annually, we believe we are best-placed to support medics entering the industry.

The programme is open to all qualified medics who would like to join (or rejoin) the offshore medical community, including trained nurses, paramedics and ex-military medical personnel.

On successful completion of the programme, we are able to integrate medics with the doctors who currently work with our topside and diving teams.

We train them in our own medic standing orders which they would use offshore, and we support them in our bespoke offshore health and emergency management application.

Furthermore, we ensure that medics entering the programme are provided with not only the necessary training for an offshore environment, but also the required certificates and an assigned mentor to support them in transitioning to an offshore role.

In essence, we commit to providing each medic with the start they need to gain valuable offshore experience as part of our wider team of medics.

Vincent Shields, managing director of occupational health at Iqarus, said: “In recent years the offshore sector has not been without its challenges, which have unfortunately resulted in significant numbers of job losses across the industry.

“We realised that Iqarus could play an important role in developing medics’ knowledge, while at the same time creating fresh career prospects for the many talented people within our community.”

For further information on the Iqarus Academy, or to request additional information on the programme, we encourage you to reach out to our support team at